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The GEO 64 saga or how chaos surged in the gas market

GEO 64, amending the gas law, although it has received the endorsements from all the Senate and Chamber of Deputies committees in the form approved by the Government, hasn’t been validated in Parliament, as a result of the position of the Committee for Industries and Services of the Chamber of Deputies, on the need to include amendments to the gas law in GEO 64, diluting the provisions of transparency, competition and non-discrimination, i.e. those that would ensure the functioning of the market.

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Gas supplies to certain consumers will be interrupted! Complicity or incompetence?

An unbelievable threat came several days ago from the committee of investigation into the gas market, in which the representative of the largest gas supplier in Romania showed that the only solution next winter was to stop gas supplies to certain consumers. Surprisingly, there was no reaction to this statement. Nobody showed that such a practice would be illegal. Why? Maybe because the truth is always in the middle: 50% complicity / 50% incompetence.

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One or two gas exchanges? This is not the question

A scandal on the gas market regarding the legislative initiative that seeks to impose a single gas exchange on the gas market. The idea is not bad in essence, even if the issue of serious failures on this market is not due to exchanges and it should have been started with the mechanisms of market functioning and not with the (trading) instruments. In absence of mechanisms of market functioning, with one or two exchanges, we will continue to have slippages on the gas market.

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Crisis, price and gas

The years of media “silence” on natural gas have been replaced with media “unrest” in the recent weeks. Analyzes were replaced by investigations. Expertise was replaced by gossips. The gas issue has become a daily subject, reason of quarrel between nationalists, journalists etc., who issue points of view on energy independence, gas crisis, failure to store gas, how many gas exchanges exist in Romania, the increase in gas prices etc. I propose an analysis of the circulated elements, to be able to identify the fake news, the persuasion and the real beneficiaries of this artificially created situation, as the consumers will definitely lose from it.

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Why GEO 64 does not apply, even if it has been in force for over 6 months?

Government Emergency Ordinance 64/2016, amending and supplementing Law 123/2012, came into force on 1 April 2017, determining the transformation of principles of transparency, competition, non-discrimination on the gas market into concepts, which can be applied, measured and verified, based on procedures, instructions and specific methodologies.

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