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First lessons at EU level, after the incident in Baumgarten

Seen as the safest, most performing, efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly gas facility in Europe, Baumgarten, a reference in the European gas industry, was the scene of an incident that caused the biggest emotion in the gas market in the history of natural gas. An emotion that has resulted in an instantaneous increase in gas prices in some SPOT markets, but also an immediate reaction of Italy by declaring, too easily, the state of emergency etc.

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Surprise! After electricity, gas could also reach a historic price this winter

Never say never. I said just a while ago that this winter gas prices for end-consumers wouldn’t grow by more than 15% compared to the average price in the warm season. The statement was based on the price established through the transactions concluded on the exchange during summer with delivery in winter and which showed an increase by around 7% in the price of gas from domestic production, added to which was the storage cost and the import cost for days with peak consumption. Surprise! As a year ago electricity prices have gone crazy, now gas prices also show signs that they follow the steps of electricity prices in the previous year.

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Gas market does not necessarily need several gas exchanges, but it certainly needs competition, transparency and non-discrimination

A year has passed since ANRE had to issue a series of Implementing Rules for Law 123, amended by GEO 64/2016, proposing certain principles underlying the future regulations. Unfortunately, these proposed principles were limited only to the centralized market, which is only a small part of the gas market, without including the principles necessary for the functioning of the gas market as a whole.

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