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Do we need a Network Code in Romania?

The gas sector is characterized by numerous failures, dissatisfactions, abuses, disorientation etc. The fact is that Things must change. But how? What? Where? Who? When? Any vision on the gas sector has to start from the need to rebuild it, from scratch, step by step, by placing the TRANSACTION in the center of the future construction of the new gas sector. The Intelligent Energy Association last year launched a country project called Starting over in the gas market in 10 steps, in order to build a real market and remove the pseudo market that is first of all detrimental to gas consumers. Today, within the Round Table Meeting organized by the Intelligent Energy Association together with the publication, with the topic: “We can have a fair gas price only with an objective Network Code and a functional market“, carried out at the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Bucharest (CCIB), the participants answered 3 essential questions:

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Hungary – Romania, 7-0 score in the gas sector

A statement of the Hungarian Foreign Minister, after a high-level meeting in Romania, highlighting the exclusive interest to purchase gas from Romania, but through a pipeline built by Romanians, basically certifies the lack of interest in BRUA project. As Hungary is a country that over time has proven a high pragmatism and has pursued its national interest, I propose that we review the relationship between Romania and Hungary in the gas sector.

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